Doggie Day Care

You, the busy owner, the one that just canít leave your job, long hours at work, and no time to walk, exercise your loved one, Your dog does get lonely while your away. Whether your at work or just need to get away , Donít feel guilty everyone needs a break.

Doggie Day Care is fun, not to mention all the exercise they will receive, your dog will run, and play with friends, without a leash, in a very safe environment.

Throughout the day your dog will have a private sleeping area to be able to take a nap after getting worn out during group play.

Day/Play Care is more than just a fun time. Your pet has a unique opportunity to socialize with other dogs who have all been temperament tested and spayed or neutered. This provides a safe way to interact and play with others , with consistent direction and correction for our staff. A happy exercised and relaxed dog will come home at the end of the day.

Benefits of Doggie Day Care:

    Off leash play Lots of exercise
    Burn off energy ( for a calmer/ mellower dog when you get home)
    Socialization: interacting with a variety of dogs.
    Development of canine and human relationships over time.
    Mind stimulation. Fun.
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Doggie Day Care
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