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Rates & Services

AMBER'S VIP SUITE: $53.00/night
3 VIP Suites. ( 2@ 8x7 , 1@ 5x7 2 rooms have Chandeliers & front glass window ) 9 individual Themed Suites , All suites have 24 hr web cams , flat screen tv, movie of the day, raised cot, potty break 3 times per day. (Additional guest in the same room receive a 30% discount)

Themed Suites: $48/night
Each themed room includes color flat screen TV, movie of the day, raised cot, potty break 3 times per day. (Additional guest in same room 30% Discount)

Luxury Suites: $38/night
Individual suites include raised cot, potty break 3 times per day to stretch their legs. (Additional guest in same room 30% Discount)

Little Dog Lodging: $31/night
Our little Dog's won't get left out at Ambers, they will be housed in a special small run with glass front of course and receive the same amenities as our Full Glass suite runs at a little price: (small breed only: max weight 20lbs)

Cat Condos: $21/night
Our feline friends enjoy the comfortable individual 2 story condo that provide safety, privacy and a separate litter box area so they can enjoy the room without the mess. (Additional guest 30% discount)

Frequent Boarding Rates:
Now you can buy one of our Frequent Boarding Packages and earn free nights with your purchase:

    Get 1 Free Night with a 7 Pack for a Total of 8 nights for the price of 7 (Must pre purchase)
    Get 3 Free Nights with a 20 Pack for at total of 23 nights for the price of 20 (Must per Purchase)

Roommates get a 30% discount off regular room prices including boarding packages, Dogs must be from the same family and must share the same suite.

Frequent-boarding packages cannot be used with other discounts or offers expect for our same family boarding discounts. Frequent Boarding packages will not qualify for free baths or any other discounts, Frequent Boarding packages expire 1 year from date of purchase.

Extended Stay Packages

Complimentary hotel Dog Bath for stays 7 nights or longer (matted dog, Big dogs, or long hair dogs will require an extra charge) Cats will receive a $10.00 disc for any grooming services over the 7 nights or longer ( Note: Big Dogs, matted dogs, or long hair dogs qualifying for a free bath will receive a $10.00 Discount on Bathing or grooming services in lieu of a FREE BATH)

Guests staying 2 weeks or more receive in addition to the complimentary bath, a 15% discount on your total bill.

Guests staying over 30 days will receive a 20% discount.


Doggie Day Care:
Monday - Friday 7:00AM to 6:00PM$25/day
M-F Half Day (less than 5 hrs)$15/day
Saturday - Sunday 9:00AM-5:00PM$20/day
S-S Half Day (less than 5 hrs)$10/day

Doggie Day campers must be sociable and friendly to staff and other dogs in play ares, at any time any of our Day Campers or Overnight guest show any signs of aggression while in play groups they will be removed from the play areas and placed into a room until there owners arrive, they will however still be provided with potty breaks in our play yard

In the case that Day care dogs not picked up by 6:30 PM they will be placed in a room if available so staff can start cleaning. Please note: there will be a $5.00 Room Cleaning service fee. We are sorry for any inconvenience.

Our Frequent Play time pass might just be the ticket you're looking for:

Frequent Play Time Doggie Day Care
    10 pack: $220 ($22.00 per visit)
    20 pack: $400 ($20.00 per visit)
    30 Pack: $550 ($18.34 per visit)

Late Policy:
At Amber's we believe that you should not be charged an extra day just because you can't pick up your dog by noon, so we have extended pick up hours you can pick up your dog as late as 6:30 P.M. Monday-Friday, Saturday before 5:00PM with no additional charges. Please be respectful of the extended pick up time.

Amber's Luxury Pet Hotel & Spa add on Services:
If your guest needs to be pampered , we have you covered, we have a variety of services and treatments available for you.

Please Visit Our Grooming Page


Turn down service: $5.00 and up

Fresh baked cookies: $1.00 and up

Kongs with filling or treats $5.00 ea

Forget your food or run out we have you covered Guests that run out of food will be notified to bring in some more food or you may purchase a small bag and take home the rest.

Specialized Care / Day Boarding:
At Ambers we offer Day Boarding for guests who are not eligible for play group. Each guest in Day Boarding will enjoy 3 individual potty breaks per day and lots of personal attention from our staff.

This program is designed for the aggressive males or females or females in heat, guests with medical conditions limiting their mobility or activities as well as guests that display aggressive behaviors and may not be suitable to interact with other guests. No guests will be allowed if aggressive to staff.

We are sorry that your loved one is in this category and singled out, but we will still give him or her some love and attention, and also will be walked to a separate play yard for at least 3 potty breaks per day.

Specialized Care Fee:
In addition to the regular charges, and additional $10-$40/day is applicable to both overnights and day care, for dogs with medical conditions. Fee will be determined at time of assessment.

Pet Hotel Location
9036 Pulsar Court, Suite D
Corona, CA 92883
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